A “My Olympic Experience” action at the Olympico Stadium!

On Sunday Lazio Scacchi has organized the final and the biggest event involving the Erasmus+ project “My Olympic Experience” by promoting chess at the Olimpico Stadium right before the match between Lazio and Lecce.

Twenty of Lazio Scacchi trainers participated with great enthusiasm and engaging the attention of the great audience who had come for the football match.

A giant chess board along with standard sets and a team of cheerful trainers and kids were the starting point of this very particular twining between chess and football.

Chess passionate and people who were new to the game tried to learn the secrets of the board game through the help of a chess Grand Master like Lexy Ortega or even dared to challenge the Italian female champion (under 20 categories) Desirée Di Benedetto.

When asked to share their vision on what they consider to be the “Olympic experience” the two champions answered with a common statement, which means that after all the values and the meaning of this topic is the same no matter the age, gender or the personal experience is. <<The “Olympic Experience” is more than participating in a world event, it is a vision a way of living that allows people to break down barriers by sharing common values such as sacrifice, hard work, commitment to your team and to the people who have believed in you but moreover it is a joy for the spirit>>.

Even though chess has a separate Olympiad, every two year national federations (approximately 180 countries) participate in the chess Olympiad with eagerness seeing the event as a celebration of one of the most antique sports in the world.

Having the chess section of Lazio at the Olimpico Stadium was another celebration were people of every age have enjoyed playing and some of them even missed some parts of the football match to keep playing.