Lazio Scacchi Events for the “My Olympic Experience”

On the 29th of September in Rome, it was held an intense day of sports, in the wonderful landscape of Villa Glori. S.S. Lazio, in collaboration with Lazio Scacchi,s a member and participates in the Erasmus+ project called My Olympic Experience, organized a funny and fruitful event to promote sports.

From September 23rd to 30th, 2019, the European Commission promoted the 5th European Sports Week to stimulate Union citizens (and others) to a correct and conscious physical activity, regardless of age or level of fitness. The European Sports Week is an event that allows millions of people in Europe to contribute to living better, having more aware and healthier lifestyles for themselves and others edition was the largest ever with the involvement of 42 countries for a total of over 50.000 events and the participation of more than 13 million citizens. Italian activities were coordinated by the Office for the sport of the Presidency of the Council.

In this context, Polisportiva Lazio organized an event on 28th September next at the Lazio Equitazione stables, inside the magnificent park of Villa Glori, in Viale Maresciallo Pilsudski 25; this event was included in the list of Italian events, marked by the hashtag #beactive.

Numerous sections of Lazio participated, including Athletics, Gymnastics, Wheelchair Basketball, American Football, Krav Maga, Bowling, Karate, Taekwondo, Cinofilia, Horse Riding and Chess.

Lazio Scacchi brought its giant chessboard, which was very appreciated by many children, intrigued and attracted by the showy pieces, as well as some chessboards with relative kits for adults already experienced or who wanted to know the first rules helped by the presence of some instructors of Lazio Scacchi.

The activities of Lazio Scacchi have been coordinated by the Instructor Silvio Brozzi, assisted by the players Francesco Caperna, Michele Penza, Danilo Brozzi. The Italian Women’s Under 20 Champion and member of the Italian Olympic team participated, Désirée Di Benedetto, who also ventured into some sports. The presence of Désirée has had a significant meaning for My Olympic Experience Project, as the girl has already played two Chess Olympics.

The vice-president of the Polisportiva Federico Eichberg declared at the end of the event: “Days like this unite us. The white and sky blue colors show our love for the sport in all its expressions (disciplines), its actors (juniors, absolutes, masters, women, men, able-bodied and with disabilities) and its values (loyalty, acceptance of results always learning something, discipline inner,…). But also a project unites us: today it was tangible as if we were a “symphony”: each section helped the other, the participants felt they were “accompanied” in a “family” path, many expressed the desire to practice sport with our colors. In essence: united we are a power. And then we feed the ideal and work on the project. Together. Always force Lazio, ad altiora!