Sharing knowledge and skills

On the 31st of March Lazio Scacchi hosted a two-day seminar for chess trainers to spread the experience and the knowledge of the only Senior Trainer in Italy, chess Grand Master Roberto Mogranzini.

Lazio Scacchi organized the seminar under the auspices of the Erasmus+ project My Olympic Experience as GM Roberto Mogranzini is internationally known for having trained a former world champion along with several members of the Italian Olympic team.

During the seminar, which ended with an exam and an awarding ceremony, trainers from all over Italy participated with enthusiasm and strong willing to learn and understand how to be a good trainer and how to promote chess at any level.

Giving such an example, like Mr. Mogranzini’s, is a key point to promote sport: having the opportunity to know in person someone who has made it and who has been living in this field for more than 30 years is the best way to live this sport on first hand.

The seminar ended on 31st after a very tough exam and after it, once everyone was more relaxed, there was a nice moment where all the participants shared their experiences both as players and trainers.

Mr. Lenzi greeted all the participants for participating in the seminar and Mr. Mogranzini for dedicating his time sharing his experience, such well organized internationally recognized seminars don’t happen often in Italy and this is another key point for the managing board of Lazio Scacchi which is currently among the very few chess clubs involved in making chess a very popular game.